Race Day information


Race Rules Reminders: 

  1. Each team must have minimum 18 paddlers to race.  A full crew is 20 people. 
    Each crew must have minimum 8 women. 
    Each team can only have a maximum of 2 experienced paddlers. 
    No cross-rostering between teams. 
    Minimum paddler age 13 and parent must be on the boat too. 
    Roster list is capped at 25.  Each team roster cannot have more than 25 people listed. 
  2. Steerspeople will be provided for all races.  Drummers will be provided if you don’t have one. Teams can not ask for specific steerspeople or drummers, as these volunteers are working based on assigned time shifts.  
  3.  If you are short of paddlers (less than 18) and less than 8 women, please email me BY June 7, 2018. 
    We will try to find paddlers for you. 
    If you have too many paddlers, please email me BY June 7, 2018 so we can assign them to other teams. 

  4. Team Manifest Form (download form above)
  5. Race Waivers - please submit your team roster list together with your race waivers when you check-in at Team Registration on Sunday morning. 
  6. Team Names and Team Bios - if you want to change your team name, please email to me by June 6, 2018 If you didn’t submit a brief team bio when you registered online, please email to me by June 6, 2018. 
  7. ADDITIONAL Separate Race
    100 meter Knockout Specialty Cup Race
    We will have an additional single-elimination 100 meter Knockout race.  The top 6 teams with the fastest cumulative race times overall on Sunday will be in this race.  6 teams race, slowest 2 teams are eliminated.  Remaining 4 teams race again, slowest 2 get eliminated.  The surviving fastest 2 teams race for gold medals! 
  8. Hardware! 
    - Each team gets 3 races
    - Each race will be 6-boat heats
    - There will be 6 final divisions
    - Top 3 teams in all the 6 Division Finals will win medals.  
    That means 18 teams will go home with medals! 


Race Day Logistics:

  1. Racers Village  - each team will have an assigned space to set up your team tent.  It is arranged by Alphabetical Order (download on top of page). Each space is 10’ x 20’.  You can bring tents, tables, chairs, and tarp for the grass as desired. 
    ***No tent-STAKING is allowed so please bring weights to hold down your tent (ie sandbags or water-filled jugs or cement blocks).  It gets windy and a tent has been known to flip or fly away. 
  2. $40 Trash Deposit Cash  - Please give $40 cash deposit when you check-in at Team Registration.  Each team is responsible for keeping their team area and surrounding area clean.  We want to keep Leo Ryan Park beautiful and Foster City will be inspecting the grounds.  If your camp and surrounding area is dirty after the race day ends, you will lose your deposit.  Otherwise, you get your deposit back before the Awards Ceremony.
  3.  No BBQ grilling is allowed. No alcoholic drinks allowed on race site. 
  4.  Parking - the Foster City City Hall parking lot is where racers can park. The parking lot for the Recreation Center is allowed parking as well.  The outdoor parking lot at the office building across the street from the park is also approved racers parking.  We are awaiting approval for 2 more parking lots.  Parking Map will be uploaded by Friday June 7, 2018.

    ***Please CARPOOL as much as possible, as parking is very limited. 
  5. Massage Tent - 3 professional massage therapists will have a tent with massage tables set up on site.  They are charging a discounted rate of $1/minute for all race participants.  So when you’re not racing, pamper yourself with a great massage! 
  6. Food Trucks - There will be 5 food trucks at the race festival to serve you starting at around 11am.  They will be at the closed off small parking lot next to the Recreation Center.
    The food trucks are:
    - The Waffle Roost
    - MoBowl
    - Fresh Catch Poke
    - Tierra Blanca Sushi y Mariscos
    - Frozen Kuhsterd

    Some of these food trucks will accept advance food orders from our registered racing teams. Email contact for the advance orders has been sent out to all team captains. 
  7.  Entertainment - There will be performances by a Hawaiian hula dance group and a Lion dance group during the lunch break. 

    Your companies are welcome to have a table set-up for promotional info and giveaways.  This area will be past the amphitheater on the way to the food trucks. 
  8.  Race Day Schedule
    8:00am: Registration starts
    8:30am: Captains meeting
    9:00am: First race of the day
    10:30am: Rest break 15 minutes
    12:30pm - 1:45pm: Lunch Break
    3:45pm: Last race of the day
    4pm: Awards Ceremony